Guest Testimonials

Encounters new or old, we love them all. We love what we do, and over the 10 years we have been providing cooking and patisserie holidays, we have had the pleasure of meeting some wonderful characters from all over the globe. You can read some of their comments by clicking below

"..I can't ever thank you both enough for the most wonderful week - I've loved every minute. The food and hospitality has been so amazing, not to mention the beautiful setting. It has meant more to me than you know. Thank you again - lots of love..!"

Louise, Scotland, UK - 2016-06-4

"..As I'm writing this thank you message, the smell of my baking brioche is wafting through from the kitchen. I had a wonderful time, fantastic people, learnt so much and ate amazing food. The week far exceeded my expectations.Thank you again - lots of love. .!"

Niam, Ireland - 2016-07-22

"..The cooking was challenging but the tuition so good that the results were spectacular! Tom and Marlene what kind and attentive hosts - a great week!
Merci Beaucoup .!"

Mandy, UK - 2016-09-16

"..Most enjoyable French cooking and patisserie courses. We loved our morning market tours with Marlene and delicious meals prepared by Tom, followed by entertaining yet informative cooking and baking lessons in the well equipped kitchen by Marlene. I enjoyed walking in the rural sunny countryside and seeing the harvested fields and green hills which were a very welcome change scenery and pace of life for me from Singapore. Wishing Marlène and Tom every happiness and good health. We had a marvellous time =) ..!"

Dora, Singapore - 2016-09-22

"...Best five days ever and the most amazing food. Thanks Tom and Marlene..!"

Leah, US - 2016-09-23

"..Thank you Marlene and Tom for a fantastic week. Your hospitality, professionalism and friendship I will never forget.."

Susie, Australia - 2016-10-21

"..I'm not sure how you manage to produce so much delicious food, but we shall be rolling home tomorrow - only after two days in your wonderful home. Thank you for making my short trip away with my daughter so special. We have both learnt skills that we will use for the rest of our lives and it was wonderful to share learning with her.
Looking forward to the next time already!
Love Roxanne.."

Roxanne, London - 2016-10-22

"...Three days ago we arrived tired and hungry. Today we are leaving full of food, knowledge and love of cooking. Your love and dedication to everything food has left us happy and fat! We will never look at patisseries the same way, and look forward to the new flavours coming out of our kitchen.
Thank you!!!"

Daniel and Beatrice, London & Mauritius - 2016-10-22

"..Thank you for such a wonderful experience. I'm going to use and practice every skill you've taught me, and my life will be much more delicious..!"

Rachel, London - 2017-02-21

"..Many many thanks for a wonderful time - I have loved being amongst the norm of good food; as in good food isn't a luxury. I LOVED The culture of this area! Old men do you actually wonder around wearing berets and carrying baguettes!! Both very welcome to the West Highlands any time... crab, Langoustines, whiskey, mussles :-) Very best wishes..."

Ruth, Scotland - 2017-02-21

"..The two of you have helped fulfil a dream I had as a little girl. But even more than that, you helped open my eyes to a whole new way of viewing food. I am so grateful for all that you taught me, your generosity and friendship. I hope your passion never waivers, your knowledge continues to grow and that you never cease to find individuals that take pride in their work and create magic with their hands. 1000 thank you's.."

Bethany, San Diego, US - 2017-02-16

"..Thank you so much for your warm hospitality and making me feel at home. I've learnt so much and had a lot of fun doing it. You make it look so easy! The food was great, the lessons excellent and the whole experience a joy. Love Bethany..."

Yanmithe, London - 2017-02-21

"..Merci Beaucoup! We had a most wonderful week here and loved every minute of it. We've learned so much - and eaten so much! If we had stayed a couple more days, we would have broken down & started licking our plates! We feel very at home here, had lots of laughs and will never forget how to bgggrown our meat ..!"

Veronica & Jane, South Africa - 2015-10-15

"..I have had such a fantastic time and learned so much inside the kitchen and out. The visits were absolutely great. My room was warm and peaceful, I feel rested. Thank you for being such lovely hosts. Much love...!"

Fiona, Wales, UK - 2015-09-24

"..Thanks so much for a wonderful few days of patisserie in the kitchen, and the delights of this area of France. This was all more than we could have hoped for & we will be taking not only photos and lovely memories home, but skills & tips for the kitchen. Special thanks to Tom for looking after us (and to the dogs for "missing our dog therapy"). Wonderful.."

Richard & Helen, Australia, - 2015-07-21

"..You know it's the mark of an amazing holiday when the hardest part is leaving - that being said that you can't physically eat any more of all the delicious and honest food you prepare for us! Thank you for everything - I've loved every moment and have renewed my love of baking and of France ! I am looking forward to spreading the patisserie love with friends and family at home..."

Kristina, London, UK, - 2015-10-03

"..Thank you for everything you did for us, I've had a really wonderful time. The patisserie making was made so much fun by Marlène's careful instructions & eating what we made each evening was wonderful!
Breakfast, lunch and dinner each day, cooked by Tom & Marlène were all absolutely delicious - Thank you both. Hopefully I'll be back again to take another course. With Best Wishes..."

Jean, Solihull, UK, - 2015-08-22

"..We have been so lucky to find this wonderful place - a real home from home. We've had a great time discovering the local countryside and understanding how the recipes developed from this beautifully abundant region. The knowledgeable insights and helpful guidance have been a revelation to us and helped develop our meagre skills. The food has been delicious. Marlene - your boundless enthusiasm has been a joy to behold. You're a wonderful teacher - our grateful thanks ! Tom - your quiet support and continuous hard work in the background has been a great reassurance that everything is going to plan ! Our experience has far exceeded our expectations, we've had a fantastic time and this holiday will be talked about for a long time to come. We hope to visit you again someday! Best wishes to you all!.."

Cath & Derek, UK - 2015-10-09

"..It has been really wonderful spending the week in your beautiful home. Great food, great company in such beautiful ambiance. Who could ask for more. It's a home away from home. Thank you for everything. Wishing you all the best.."

Anne, Birmingham, UK - 2015-10-03

"..Thank you so very much for welcoming us in to your beautiful home! The past five days has been perfect - From the amazing patisserie course to the delicious food and your warm and welcoming hospitality. Absolutely perfect. Merci mille fois and I will see you again! Until the next time.."

Morgan, Brisbane Australia - 2015-10-03

"..We had a great time this week! Thank you so much for the wonderful food and drink. I learned so much about French patisserie that I feel I can really impress my friends and improve my business. Thanks again.."

Vicki & Mark, California, USA - 2015-07-10

"..Thank you for making this once in a lifetime experience so special and memorable. I have learnt so much and fee; very grateful I will be able to share my new skills with everyone ! Thank you for your wonderful hospitality - everything has been amazing !
Love & Best Wishes.."

Yvette, Perth, Australia - 2015-07-15

"...This week was fantastic. It was an experience I will treasure for years to come. I will definitely be spreading the word of your wonderful hospitality and amazing cooking. Hope to see you guys again in a couple of years . ."

Josh, Aiken, USA - 2015-07-18

"..Thank you so much for your hospitality, teaching and the wonderful experience we have had with you both and your family.
We have really enjoyed the morning visits - The prune farm, the market, the duck farm & the vineyard - and appreciated being introduced to your personal friends who were clearly so passionate about what they do.
Thank you Marlène for your wonderful instruction and the structured and logical way you provided it - but also for sharing your love of cooking & food !
Thomas, thank you for all your support and for all the background work you did to make each day flow so well.
We had a really special time ! We loved every minute of it and learned so much ! Thank you for having us in your home and for sharing it so generously with us!
Lots of love & thanks.."

Hugh, Wendy & Milne Riley, New Zealand - 2015-07-18

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